Progress Panel Beaters conforms to the highest standards of  aluminium bolt on parts factory repair specifications and is one of a few panel beater shops in South Africa that have all the specialised equipment to carry out  specialised aluminium bolt on parts panel beating and repairs.

All body and paint services are done in accordance with  factory specifications at all times. This includes all aluminium bolt on parts repairs. 

Panel beating and repair work is done under controlled conditions in a specified area with dedicated panel beating tools to prevent cross contamination of steel and aluminium which could cause corrosion.

Our highly trained personnel attended a two week course in Germany on correct aluminium welding procedures as well as aluminium technology.

Electronic measurement systems are used to establish the diagnostic extent of damage of chassis points during repair work on vehicles. Analysis and diagnosis of damage can be printed out before putting a vehicle on a repair bench and again once panel beating and repairs has been completed for quality control purposes.